Registering for VAT Online

Although it is possible to complete a paper application form and submit it to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in order to register, a far simpler way to register is to enter your details online.

Using the online registration system has the added benefit of allowing you to change your details and update your information as well as submitting your VAT returns all in the same handy area.

There are many advantages to this method of registration, not least saving on paper and postage. HR and Payroll 

It is also a much quicker option for busy business people and will avoid not only the time taken in a trip to the post box, but also any potential postal delays that could occur to hold things up.

For those who feel that they may need a little extra guidance on registration, completing the form online will also provide on-screen directions with a set of prompts and a very helpful ‘On-line Demonstrator’ which will take you through the process page by page explaining exactly what information is required and where to place it.

Knowing that your registration has been successfully received immediately is useful and the on-screen acknowledgement provides a level of certainty that a postal application cannot.

It is also the most secure way to register, as there is no chance of forms being lost in the postal system or once they arrive at The Revenue offices and your personal information is tamper-proof and safe from prying eyes outside of HMRC.

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