Playing Golf Shots Out of the Rough – 10 Top Tips to Keep You in the Game

There are times when a simple straight forward single sales letter or ad won’t do the job to sell your product or service. And how does one know what those times are? And, what should one use instead of the straight forward pitch?

Well, the only true way to find out is to test what works, and find out what doesn’t. The test comes in the form of a two-step lead generation process against the one-shot sales letter.

And, here’s the vital difference you need to be aware of. Let’s say that you’re romancing the man or woman of your life. In order for things to become intimate at another level, you’re probably not going to push for things to accelerate in a rapid way, right on the first date! For if you do, one way or another, you’ll get an instant response. “Back off” or “hmmm.. come ‘ere!”

I think we can get an understanding of the second type of person, right? However, if there was romancing, talking, listening, walking by the riverside, soft music, candle lights, pretty soon a relationship will form that’ll be stronger, deeper, and long lasting. And that’s what’s better to do to win over prospects and apprehensive ‘sitters on the fence’.

Why this way than the other, one-off ad or sales letter blast? Well, because of developing a sustained, long term relationship – one that could develop a customer who’ll give you money, month in and month out, for as long as you want the relationship to continue.

And I deliberately say as long as you want the relationship to continue” because you as the service provider have to ensure there’s no slacking off in the relationship by delivering fresh, updated, and usable information. And it has to be information that is directly benefiting the customer.

So, if you’re looking to build a wildly successful, rampant, loyal customer base, you would do well to dance the two-step. And more often than not, the two step can turn into a dozen or more steps before a sale is made! shot blasting machine

But look at this. If someone came at you with a sales pitch from the beginning, you may have not bothered to pay attention.

Can you see the power of continual, repetitive high quality content delivered into the heart of your prospect? I hope so, because the wealth of your future lies in your ability to nurture relationships like they’re your most prized asset. Which of course, they are.

We’ve all seen the ads telling us to BUY NOW! And what have we done? We’ve all gone straight past them. Why? There’s something that doesn’t sit quite right with us when we’re told to, out of the cold, BUY NOW!

However, saying that, if the market is really rabid, passionate and just can’t lap up the stuff quickly enough, then they’ll buy anything and everything you have to sell on that topic. Golfers are one such market. Another would be Internet and business information without the overload and hype. Dieting too. Gaining ‘power packed muscles’ is another. For these, and hundreds of other markets, whether it’s one step two steps, two hundred steps – doesn’t matter. These people will pull out the credit card as soon as you put the offer up! They’re that ‘hungry’.

Oh how we love markets like that – people who are hot and rabid for your products and services.

Lead generation, one step marketing, multi-step marketing. You need to find out for yourself what works best and what works consistently for what you want to sell. Your market will tell you what and how they’d like to be treated and acknowledged, romanced and wooed.


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